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Our company is a travel agency that creates perfectly deisgned experiences ( on Istanbul ) We offer fully customized and travell options to learn , enjoy and unforgettable visits.

Our team are giving this service since 1989. We are here because we love what we do and we want to be legendary in all we do.

We like discipline in all we do but we don't want to be starchy. We do not like having values written in a handbook and not lived, we like having them written in our hearts and lived out daily we believe it is essential to have competence but we like to back it up with character.

We live by our standards, our standards are what make us EXCELLENT.


The best way to visit Istanbul is to hire a licensed private tour guide.

All our team will be passionately and carefully take care of your Istanbul trip during all your tour.

Now we invite you to discover Istanbul with US.

You will find,carefully designed ISTANBUL tours for your ease and enjoy.

About Istanbul City     ( 1 city 2 countinents )


Istanbul city is surely one of the few great and exceptional cities, wich are deservedly better known than their countries. 
As the only city on the earth situated on two countinents. It has always been a center of attraction and power troughout the history for kings empirors,sultans and sultanas,artists, scientists, poets and romantics with its unique location and gifted natural aura.

Dating back its urban life to the 9th millemium BC. according to the latest excavations, its served as the capital for Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires and is currently the cultural economical and touristiccapital of Turkish Republic.

Istanbul city is not only about its monumental chirches, mosques, museums, Bosphorus, the bridges, towers and imperial palaces, but its also means a modern city, a distinguished metropolitan saul, an extraordinarily rich culinary culture and seductive variety of shopping options ( and opportunities. )

You will leave from this city with unforgettable and long last memories.


Terms and Conditions . ( General informations and conditions )

.Half day morning tours can conclude in Sultanahmet Square 
.We renounce any responsibility and shall not pay any indemnity or reimbursment if certain museums or monuments could not be visited because of a traffic jam, seasonal problems or any other unforseen issues.
.Guests need to be promptly on time at the meeting points given by the tour guides.

.Please remember to fill in and sign the documents provided by your guide at the end of your tour.


Payment and Cancellation Fee

.Cancellation made with in 48 hours prior to the date of the tour, will require a 25% payment of the total amount of the reservation.
.Some tours are 50% discount is applicable for children below the age 7, tours are free for the ages 0-2.
.There is no refund for any unused portion of any tour programme 
.We reserve the right to alter, postpone, or cancel the tour with out prior notice due to unforseen circumstances.
.We disclaim any responsibility and shall not pay any idemnity or reimbursment in the programme could not be visited with any reason beyond control.
.Tour fees includes transportation, guidence, entrance fees and meals as mentioned.
.We are not responsible for any loss or theft of personal belongings during the tour.
.Four programmes and prices may change with out prior notice.


Basic information on İstanbul

Language : Turkish
Currency : Turkish Lira
Country code : + 90
Electricity Standart : 220V. Two pin plug.
Population : 14-15 million

.Feell Special with US !
.Discover Istanbul with our excellent quides.

.Emergency Phone Numbers:
Police : 155
Ambulance : 112
Fire Dept : 110

.Now we intive you to discover Istanbul with US
.Don't heave anything to chance!
.We always guarantee to be at the right places with the right guides. .When you tour with us you don't have to leave anything to chance.
.We unlock and the services wich given by our team are rated ''EXCELLENT '' by the all former traweler guests.
.We provide private quided tours in ENGLISH, JAPANESE,and ARABİC, etc.


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